Pangean's House

We’ve been following Pangean and enjoying his House Music streams for nearly 4 years now…Pangean is an excellent DJ and is on a mission to find and play the best & rarest house music on the planet! He is a dedicated streamer that usually does live shows four or five days per week.

If you like house music then you need to check out our friend Pangean as soon as possible….we hope you love him as much as we do.

Pangean’s Twitch Bio sums him up perfectly:

A lot can be said for the North Carolina’s DJ Pangean, or as others know him, James Leake. Pangean’s extraordinary knowledge of all things music is absolute evidence of his obsession with it. An obsession that’s intrinsic and was apparent at an early age. His musical tastes range from Public Image Limited to Thelonius Monk and include everything in between. Above all, DJ Pangean’s love of House Music is unmatched. He has held down residencies all around North Carolina and abroad. After 21 years, Pangean looks forward to spreading his message and brand of House to the world.